Eloquor Working Class

Dedicated to the everyday working class battlers, ‘Working Class’ is his first single off Eloquor’s latest LP, celebrating his tenth anniversary in hip hop ‘Working Class’ finds the Melbourne-based hip-hop powerhouse teaming up with ARIA award winning producer Cam Bluff for an up-tempo stadium anthemic belter. Where Jimmy Barnes left off with his 1985 ‘Working Class Man’ classic ballad, Eloquor readdresses the issues still kicking our arses 31 years on. From the lips of one of Burn City’s most realest emcees, the venomous bars scar deep for most of us on this joint. “Let’s dissect these fat cats, who swerve … Continue reading Eloquor Working Class

Eloquor – From The Oceans Of Karana

One of the most catalytic hip hop releases to date comes in the form of Eloquor’s third LP From the Oceans of Karana. Following on from the release of his 2011 EP, Eloquor continues to explore his fascination with the human condition. From the Oceans of Karana is a spiritual encounter, which explores both the fundamentals and intricacies of life. The album is divided into three parts; Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Each part is proceeded ceremoniously by a foreword from Ramesh, a Hindu mystic. The concept behind Eloquor’s themes is inspired by the three Hindu gods Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the … Continue reading Eloquor – From The Oceans Of Karana

Eloquor 2011 Wrap Up

2011 saw Eloquor travel across the country alongside Pegz on the massive Bombs Away Tour with official hype man duties. While touring and holding down a day job he managed to write and record material for his best work to date the 8 track  Human Condition EP. Eloquor released his Human Condition EP in November last year enlisting the production skills of Suffa, 76, Simplex, Frank Dukes, Poker Beats and Hattori Hanzo and guest MCs Pegz and 1/6. This was followed in December by a massive dual album launch with fellow Myspherical Entertainment labelmates In Good Company. Eloquor appeared on numerous … Continue reading Eloquor 2011 Wrap Up

Eloquor – Human Condition Video Clip

Eloquor thrives as a storyteller, his tracks tell of both hardship and resilience, leaving behind a lingering sense of realistic optimism. Produced by Simplex, Human Condition explores the notion of attempting to reach a common ground based on the inherit similarities of all human beings. The sentiments strewn through Eloquors rhymes promote dignity and the importance of living life by your own design. One of the most persevering, hard-working emcees in the game; Eloquor has earned his stripes performing alongside industry heavyweights such as Pegz, Briggs, and the Hilltop Hoods. Thematically Eloquor delves into some of the most pressing issues humanity … Continue reading Eloquor – Human Condition Video Clip

Eloquor – Human Condition EP

Melbourne’s Eloquor will be releasing his 7 track EP entitled Human Condition come early November. The ethically outspoken emcee has spent much of the 2011 slamming hype duties on the Pegz ‘Bombs Away Tour’ alongside Dialectrix, Joe New and DJ 2Buck, still managing to bring his own project to life despite a busy schedule. The release credits contributing efforts from 1/6 and Pegz, production mastery from Suffa and Simplex, with featured cuts by DJ 2Buck and Slap618. The album is a banger, and will undoubtedly earn this hard-working emcee some new fans with its catchy hooks and inspiring sentiment. Watch this space … Continue reading Eloquor – Human Condition EP

Eloquor – Live At St Kilda Festival [New Promo Vid]

Myspherical Entertainment is proud to announce that local hip hop artist Eloquor will be performing at this year’s St Kilda Festival. Following the release of his album Charge, Eloquor was selected amongst 300 entrants to compete on the Nova New Music Stage with the chance to win over $5000 in prizes.  Joining Eloquor on stage will be DJ/producer 76 and a special guest appearance from vocalist Lauren Gillard. When asked about the opportunity to perform at St Kilda Festival Eloquor said, “I’m stoked to be performing at St. Kilda Fest. I’ve been dreaming of doing a show there for years. … Continue reading Eloquor – Live At St Kilda Festival [New Promo Vid]