Eloquor Working Class

Dedicated to the everyday working class battlers, ‘Working Class’ is his first single off Eloquor’s latest LP, celebrating his tenth anniversary in hip hop

‘Working Class’ finds the Melbourne-based hip-hop powerhouse teaming up with ARIA award winning producer Cam Bluff for an up-tempo stadium anthemic belter. Where Jimmy Barnes left off with his 1985 ‘Working Class Man’ classic ballad, Eloquor readdresses the issues still kicking our arses 31 years on. From the lips of one of Burn City’s most realest emcees, the venomous bars scar deep for most of us on this joint.


“Let’s dissect these fat cats, who swerve weave and slip tax, and earn more than ten men, but work less than one man.”

Written during his lunch breaks in and around Melbourne’s Balaclava, St Kilda and Prahran suburbs, Eloquor spoke about what his major influence was to write the track, wanting to create a track that speaks to the majority of Australia’s hard-working nation, those he regards as being in the same boat as him grinding away at a paycheck.

“I feel proud of the hard work I do and I wanted other people in my situation to be proud of the energy they put into paying the bills and keeping their head above water.”

To celebrate the release of “Working Class” Eloquor will be performing a FREE show at 56 Bricks – Windsor. Doors from 9pm .