Mark B & Dialect – Fresh Wild Fly & Bold (Theory 77 Turntable Death-Mix)

Theory 77 remixes Mark B & Dialect’s recent single Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold; a tribute to old-skool Hip-Hop pioneers The Cold Crush Brothers.  We caught up with Mark B earlier today to get the lowdown on the new Fresh Wild Fly & Bold remix, check that out below.

aahh: What was the reasoning behind your choice of producer on the new Fresh Wild Fly & Bold remix?
Mark B:
I’ve never been a fan of remixes so when I first looked at the idea of remixing the song I knew we had to come with something totally different to the original version we made. We could have easily asked a producer or a DJ with a big name to come up with something which is always the easy option to get more widespread coverage that you see most artists take, but I am a strong believer in always bringing through new talent, artists that I think will make a big impact on the scene & bring something new to the table. So when I heard Theory 77’s prior work I knew he would be the perfect candidate for the job & we set to work.

I gave Theory all the separate parts to the song & he also added countless audio snippets from the live Cold Crush records & tapes that are available out there to come up with something totally mind-blowing & different whilst still respecting our version & most importantly The Cold Crush Brothers legacy. I think Theory is an incredible DJ & it’s just nice to hear someone so creative still pushing the boundaries of the first element of our culture & turntablism to its utmost limits, an element I feel that is quite a forgotten art-form of late with all the corny watered-down music & DJ’s out there that masquerades as ‘Hip-Hop’.

You can grab Fresh Wild Fly & Bold in various formats below.

Mark B & Dialect – Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (original version)
Also available on limited edition 7″ vinyl on King of the Beats Records.