N’fa Jones: New single ‘Wayooy’ feat. Roots Manuva & M-Phazes

N’fa Jones frontman of genre bending local hip hop collaboration 1200 Techniques is back on Australian shores with a new EP in hand, Babylondon. You would have seen him already, with recent collaborations on Drapht’s Bali Party, taken from the AIR and ARIA Award winning album Life Of Riley.

As well as with 360 on a deeper album cut Hope You Don’t Mind from the AIR Award winning album Falling & Flying. N’fa’s not just back to Party Party Party, he also brought some almighty tunes home with him and has just dropped his brand new single Wayooy, featuring stellar collaborations with Roots Manuva and M-Phazes, download it for free now at www.nfajones.com. and stream it below. Fittingly named after a Jamaican Rasta term ‘Wayoy’, generally used as a call out for people to gather together in joyous celebration, the track was written and recorded in Roots Manuva’s living room in London and features M-Phazes signature production, providing the perfect summer beats to cruise to. 

London City, for which he jokingly refers to as Babylondon after the fallen biblical city of Babylon, in the modern times of London, created the inspiration for N’fa’s new EP. Having spent the past couple of years writing and performing in London’s underground haunts, N’fa performed everywhere from Cargo, Notting Hill Arts Club across to 93FT East, Strawberry Fields Festival and a guest spot on Glastonbury. Smashing rooms and festivals under the guise of his UK project aptly titled ‘No Fixed Abode’ they were awarded ‘Best Live Impact Band’ at the Camden Crawl Emerging Artists Festival.  

This is what N’fa had to say about his latest single Wayooy feat. Roots Manuva (prod. by M-Phazes):
N’fa: I had been seeing M-Phazes around the scene at various parties and shows, turns out he had moved in down the road from me in St Kilda. He’d always come and get coffee where I was often working. He hit me up to do a tune for the Oz Home Grown hip hop record that featured myself, Phrase and Illy. I wrote and recorded my parts and the hook real quick M-Phazes put on another beat he’d been working on. Then we thought,lets write a tune just for the hell of it, this became the “Keep Running” song off his Good Gracious record, the first song toward that record actually.
I was getting in his ear saying “bro, why you always just making beats for rappers abroad..? You should make a solo album with instrumentals, and your fav local MC’s, make it about you, and build it up for here. You should also push your creative sounds, like flipping some dub plates. Well, he did, and smashed it. Think he felt like he owed me for pushing him or something, and called me up one time…
He was like “I flipped a dub plate, and you gotta do something with this when ya ready” Well, I found myself at Roots Manuvas flat in London vibing to some beats, he was working on songs for his new record. May I just say, that Rodny Manuva has the worst filing system for his songs. His whole hard drive crashed, we lost loads of tunes we were working on, and he had to start again!! Haha, crazy fella! Well.. We recored ‘Wayooy’ for my project (I kept hold of those files) and Boom.. It sounded heavy… Was a cool session.. Fast too.. M-Phazes was pretty happy with it indeed! I love this one – N’FA

You can catch N’fa touring across the Australian summer playing…
Sat 31st Dec NYE @ Funk Club party, Salt on the Beach, Perth with Lyrics Born & Co.
Sun 1st Jan NYD @ Professional Misconduct Party, Marquee, Perth
Sat 7th Jan @ Villa Nightclub, Perth with Charlie Bucket supporting Pete Rock

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