Hilltop Hoods – Drinking From The Sun – Limited Edition Pre-Order

The new Hilltop Hoods album, Drinking from the Sun will be released on March 9, 2012. A limited Edition Pre-order package is now available! Only 1000 units of this unique package have been manufactured. The pre-order package will come in an 11” round box container.

This package contains:

  • A signed copy of ‘Drinking from the Sun’.
  • A copy of the 2012 Golden Era Mixtape feat. Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Vents, ADFU & Briggs.
  • An ‘I Love It’ sticker.
  • A 7” of ‘I Love It’ featuring a remix by Trials of the Funkoars.
  • A ‘Drinking from the Sun’ T-shirt
  • An exclusive pair of ‘Hilltop Hoods’ branded 3D glasses for use on http://www.hilltophoods.com/3D (coming soon) and a download code will be emailed to you on the day of the album release.

The price of the Limited Edition Pre-order package is $80 AUD + Shipping.

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