Hilltop Hoods – I Love It Feat. Sia

The Hilltop Hoods have treated fans to not only one brand new film clip for their lead single I Love It, taken from the upcoming Drinking From The Sun LP, due February 2012. The clips, produced by 3 different production companies each bring a unique take on the track. Check them all out below.

Hilltop Hoods – I Love It Feat. Sia – Carl Allison & Nick Kozakis Version
Kozakis and Allison bring together a perfect fusion of direction and visuals to compliment any production. Having worked together on high and low end projects they are making a solid impact on the film & media industry. Allison brings a cinematic eye and a unique twist to his work aided by Kozakis’ innovative vision for direction.

Shot guerilla-style on a tight budget, Allison and Kozakis took a dark, stylistic approach in their rendition of ‘I Love It’. In this clip the Hoods roam the highways picking up unfortunate hitchhikers.

Hilltop Hoods – I Love It Feat. Sia – Animal Logic Version
Animal Logic is one of the worlds leading design, visual effects and animation companies. They have worked on such films as The Matrix, Moulin Rouge, 300 and Happy Feet. When creating their interpretation of ‘I Love It’ Animal Logic chose to let the viewer see the world through the eyes and imagination of a child.

Turntables become fascinating landscapes, and entryways into underground worlds, as two young children let their creativity bring their fantasy worlds to life.

Hilltop Hoods – I Love It Feat. Sia – Blue Tongue Version
The collective Blue Tongue Films was founded some 15 years ago. This gifted group of directors came together with a philosophy that by using their individual skills and strengths they could benefit each other’s projects.

Nash Edgerton (Spider, The Square) took the helm for this depiction of ‘I Love It’. Nash takes the Hoods on a journey searching through the majestic rainforest south of Sydney. Beautifully shot in the Royal National Park, this video looks more film than filmclip.

Download ‘I Love It‘ on iTunes here.

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