Tom Showtime 2011 Wrap Up

Tom Showtime is a man of many guises. Although appearing to the overt eye as a DJ, this talent brimming character is also labeled producer, café owner, saxophonist and gramophone enthusiast. Tom’s music career truly blossomed in 2011 with Tom’s saying “2011 was better than Watermelon…“. 

It proved to be a thriving year for Tom with the highlight and turning point of Tom’s career being signed to 100% PHAT Agency. 2011 saw Tom produce and release his first EP, EP3013 which is ‘jam‘ packed with 6 beat driven, jazz flavored, funk infused tracks of Tom at his best which includes the hit and lead off single The Bullet Train featuring N’Fa Jones. EP3013 has given listeners a taste of what’s to come as it is a prelude to his debut album The Jam Theif which was picked up by Obese Records and is set for release in April 2012.

With Showtime’s career already snowballing, 2012 also sees a series of reworked classics released on 45’s for UK label Second Hand Funk, flawlessly demonstrating his flare for remixing. This project observes Tom collaborating with artists such as Agent 86, The Captain, Dancefloor Outlaws and The Ghetto Funk Allstars. With a national tour in 2012 also set up, it’s going to be a successful and eventful year for Tom Showtime

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