P.Link – In My Element

Hailing from the notorious district of South Auckland, New Zealand, P.Link & his mother crossed the Tasman at the tender age of 3 in search of greener grasses. Settling briefly in Melbourne’s outer east, His fam quickly decided that coastal life was for them after a weekend visit to his future home – Phillip Island. Along with his partner in crime, J.Mac, P was consumed by the artform and the natural progression to penning their own material was made.

A few years later alongside local MC’s – Downpat, Eazy, Lystic, Drummer – Lorne, Keyboarder – Brez & DJ – A-Tap they formed the 8-piece Tranquil Artillery. After many beer-fueled, school night Jams, Tranquil made their stage debut in 2003. After making a little noise locally they set out for Melbourne city, earning themselves a solid live rep including shows with – Lyrical Commission, Bliss N Eso, 360, TZU & countless others. After a few years honing his stage presence with Tranquil, P.Link took some time out from the group to concentrate on his new Project – The Aphilliates, consisting of himself, J.Mac & DJ Rellik, he aimed to take it back to the raw Melbourne sound he was raised on.

Within a little over a year they recorded and independently released The Aphilliates Mixtape & once again started earning themselves a solid live rep under the new moniker. While promoting the mixtape P also started gathering up old & new material to put together a small solo release. What started as a side project soon turned into his main focus and before long he had recorded a 6 track EP entitled In My Element.

In My Element is furious 6 track EP, recorded by Must at Pang Productions, featuring production from the man himself – Must, The King – Trem One & Canadian AphilliteEngineer with cuts from DJ Rellik and one guest spot from fellow Rawthentic stable mate – J. Mac.

In My Element gives the listener a brief introduction to the Melburnite behind the mic, through graphic tales of heartbreak, friendship, betrayal and everything in between. Riddled with cuts and proper producto, In My Element stays true to the art with P.Link displaying a huner and presence very few ‘newcomers‘ can match.  In My Element is available now through independent record stores, online via Soul Calp and coming soon digitally via iTunes.

1. Tell em its P – produced by Must
2. In my element – produced by Must
3. Welcome 2 Melbourne – produced by Trem
4. Told me she loved me – produced by Engineer
5. Its a shame – produced by Must
6. Fatal attraction feat. J. Mac – produced by Trem

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