Sky’High – Forever Sky’High

Some people just won’t get it. They’ll see the rough and miss the diamond. Others will hear the raw aggression and recognise the ideas, hooks and melodies are undeniable proof of one of the most exciting voices to emerge in local hip hop yet. Sky’High diversifies and illuminates the possibilities of what’s going on here, giving volume to an Australian voice the mainstream generally shut down.

 The creative fearlessness of Sky’High’s debut not only hits the mark but crashes through it. Whether it’s the grime of Reign, or the hip hop of Don Dada or Forever Gone, she remorselessly smashes it outta the park. But it’s when Sky reveals her vulnerability in the brutal yet achingly beautiful ‘Nuclear Love’ that the listener stops dead in their tracks.

This is why else world-renowned NZ producer P-Money pursued her—the first Australian act he’s overseen. It’s why Elefant Traks got on deck and why Duck Down artist David Dallas collaborated on the album. It’s also why Rolling Stone and Sydney Morning Herald pinpointed her out as an artist to watch.

Sky’high is not the softly-spoken female you’re expecting. There is no other genre that could unearth someone as special as her. Uncompromisingly tough and endearingly cheeky, Sky’High’s invigorating talent will disarm you and challenge your perceptions.
What do you see in the rough?

Forever Sky’High out today, through Elefant Traks.

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