Basement Grits – Heroes

Consisting of label beat makers Develop and Apollo Grimes, emcees Ricky Shamroxx and Diggis, and hip hop deejay ‘Dex Mo’, Basement Grits’ fusion of talent promises to deliver fat Hip Hop, flavoured with boom bap beats and a sound concurrent with the new school wave of artists emerging in the local Hip Hop scene.

Since the formation of the group, Basement Grits have supported both Australian and internationally renowned Hip Hop acts such as Pegz and Xzibit, while locking themselves down for a slot at most Hip Hop events in the Cairns area. With an EP and album in the pipeline, the crew of five are set to cement a permanent place in both the Cairns and Australian Hip Hop scenes respectively.

Basement Grits are members of Beat Basement Records, a Cairns-based independent Hip Hop record label specializing in production, marketing and distribution of hip-hop music in Far North Queensland. Heroes is a brand new track from Basement Grits which is available for free download below. 

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