Obesecity 2

10 years ago, at a time when Australian hip hop was still struggling to be heard, Obese Records released Obesecity. Invited from all corners of the country, emcees and producers hungry to showcase their skills contributed tracks, unbeknownst of the powerful ripple effect it would create.

Bolstered by the humble independent label, the compilation birthed a generation of hip hop heavyweights, recognised today as the true pioneers of a flourishing industry. Hilltop Hoods, Muph & Plutonic, Bias B, Pegz, the late Hunter and more united to give the growing genre a voice.

To celebrate its anniversary Obese Records is extremely proud to present Obesecity 2. A dual-disc compilation showcasing the brightest and most promising new artists in Australian hip hop, handpicked alongside the genre’s most revered underground acts. With emphasis on the label’s distribution roster and independently established acts, Obesecity 2 will benchmark the scene once more.

The range of artists featured on the compilation varies both stylistically and geographically. With moments of progressive, electronic production, next to the more traditional sounds of BBQ rap boom bap. Obesecity 2 exhibits the extensive sonic landscape now occupied by the genre.

The diversity noted in the subject matter is reflective of age, circumstance and inclination, laid forth by the nation’s most unconventionally outspoken social conscience. Obesecity 2 is not only an ode to its genre-defining predecessor, but a time capsule, which will undoubtedly be prized for its conviction in this age of mass production and impersonal media.

Disk 1
1. Bingethinkers – Cannibals
2. Never Settle – Psychosis
3. Ciecmate & Mouf feat. DJ No Name Nath – Bags Not
4. Goatmob – Space Trip Oddity
5. Newsense – Hard Act To Follow
6. Class A – The View
7. Tommy Illfigga – Life Wouldn’t Be So Comfy Here
8. Dialect & Despair – Ghosts In A Shell
9. P Link – Turn The Tables
10. Spit & Mac – Firebrand
11. Dikitionone – Collision Course
12. Purpose feat. Joyride – Easy Listening
13. Calski – What You Do To Me
14. Mortar – Murder That
15. Tornts – Concrete Shores
16. Maundz – The Spiel

Disk 2
1. Lazy Grey, Jake Biz & DJ Dcide – Fitzgerald Enquiry
2. Fluent Form feat. Has-Lo – The Code
3. DVS – Dandenong Hip Hop
4. Mr Hill & Rahjconkas – Take The Blame
5. Cash Krzma – All Fonts
6. One Sixth – Nonsense
7. Miss Karleena – Ready
8. In Good Company – House Of Cards
9. J Point – Super Fly Aboriginal (Dope MC)
10. Moneykat feat. Candice Monique – Eye Of The Storem
11. Bigfoot – What I Do
12. Kid Selzy – Here I Am
13. Dwizofoz – Brand New Day
14. Eloquor – Himalayas
15. Johnny Row – Hell Yeah
16. Deathstarrs – Eulogy
17. Raven – Gun

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