Dayone Wear

Est. Dayone.
From the days when it was all so simple. Established in abandoned warehouses, with a longneck on stairs, under the highway tunnels, strolling along to see Wu, those rowdy BBQ evenings, alley’s with a marker dakked.

Fresh threads, suitable attire for some shady doings, hoodies for lurking, a line of wear that reminds us to relax and reminice, to a time when it was that simple. A brand, a label? More like that crew who’s got your back regardless.

Fresh daps, and clean snaps. Sounding in the boombap of the 90’s, 36 chambers, predator, black sunday. Grab your freshest kicks, your park dweller’s T, Dayone snap, and bounce like it was ’92 again. 

Blessed with the fresh since DAYONE.

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