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It’s been four years since Seth Sentry released his The Waiter Minute EP, that featured the huge hit single The Waitress Song. Seth is now ready to storm Australia with his debut LP This Was Tomorrow. Released today, Seth has already dropped two massive single’s from the album, in the form of My Scene and Float Away.

Seth describes his anxiousness in getting the release in to the hands of his fans. “I’m feeling excited and nervous, the album’s finished now, so I just want to get it out there.” Describing the concept behind This Was Tomorrow, Seth explains “I guess the album is pretty random in the topics that I cover. I talk about things that I want, where I am in my life and where I’ve come from. You could say it’s all about the past, present and future. In terms of the future, I have written a letter to science where I ask where the fuck my hover board is.” Since his debut The Waiter Minute EP, Seth’s identifies his biggest change, and that has been his confidence level. “When I first started working with Matik I was just trying to find my sound, something that I was happy with. I consider myself a wordy rapper and I have some pretty heavy influences, it took time to find the style that I was happy with. Coming into it this album, I guess didn’t have to do that searching. I was able to concentrate on making the music I wanted to make.”

The first single from the album was released earlier this year and was Seth’s way of letting everyone know he is on his way. My Scene, a light-hearted humorous track, raises questions of human identity and lifestyle. “I guess it’s easy to identify groups of people in society from an outside perspective. We can easily say ‘oh that’s a hipster’ or ‘that’s a business man’ but for me personally, it was a lot harder to pin down. I guess a lot of people find that’s the case, they’re not quite sure where they fit in amongst society and even with their peers. It was just where my head was at the time and also what I had seen. A lot of people say, ok I’m going to be like this and go out and purchase the ‘costume’. I had a friend who was a mad goth, I didn’t see him for a few years and then I bumped into him one day on the street and he was a full Rastafarian, with the dreads and coloured beanie to match. It’s just weird how people do that”.

Victorian producer and DJ, Matik produced Seth’s debut EP and is back again helping out on This Was Tomorrow. “Matik has produced five joints on this album, he’s a lot busier now then he was 10 years ago. I hooked up with Matik about 5 years ago when I was putting on a weekly club night. Matik was working with Pez back then, as a crew. I had got my hands on a demo they had at the time and there was this real cute track on there called Summer Days, which is now the Festival Song, but it was a little different back then. It was about surfboarding and riding scooters and all that. So I got them out.”

The second single from the album is titled Float Away and is produced by Styalz Fuego (360, Aston Shuffle) who also produces 5 tracks on the album. The film clip for Float Away is directed by Grey Ghost (Jeremedy). “Grey Ghost is the loveliest cunt, he is the best dude, like they nicest dude you’ll ever meet. He is also super creative, he can do it all. Draw, rap, sing, he is in a heap of a bands and wanted to try his hand at making videos. He directed one of Xavier Rudds videos and also worked with Matik. We had this idea of doing the clip in this crazy Woody Allen/Faulty Towers vibe, I love how it turned out.”

Float Away was the first track that Seth worked on with Styalz. “Styalz is amazing, all his beats, drums and horns are classic. When you work with him, he provides you with everything, the beat is structured, everything’s there, all the bridges, he is very fast. He is just one of those dudes that is always in the studio, he’s constantly inspired and inspiring, he’s a real pro. For Float Away he sent me this beat that was real cute and simple in style. Obviously not in structure. It wasn’t something that I’d consider my usual style. The beat had elements of pop, nothing against dudes doing that, I just prefer listening to heavy hitting classic’s, but this had something that drew me in. I wrote 3 different versions and performed 3 different takes and picked that track. I’m so wordy, it’s not easy for me to sometimes pull it back. In this track there’s an 8 bar verse a 16 and a 12, which are mammoth bars. I was thinking the track would be good for a single, it had a lighter sound and I didn’t have to sacrifice the lyrical side of things, none of this dumb shit.”

Seth Sentry’s new LP This Was Tomorrow will be released on September 14 on his newly created label High Score Records, with independent distribution through Inertia. You can pre-order now and score yourself some cool pre-order bonus’, if you hurry. Also just announced is his massive 14 date This Was Tomorrow album tour which includes stops at Fat As Butter and Sprung Festivals.I’ll be taking B. Two, who won this year’s DMC’s championships. He was defending his title from 08′ because there hasn’t been a DMC in Australia for the last 4 years. He is a beast and massively overqualified to be my DJ. I will also be bringing Grey Ghost.”

You can pre-order you copy of This Was Tomorrow by following the links below and also get your tickets to the This Was Tomorrow Album Tour, but be quick these will go fast.

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