Trumps – 7inSeven Vol. 1 – A Week’s A Long Time In Music!

Seven days. Seven beats. Seven songs to be written and recorded. A Week’s A Long Time In Music is the first instalment in a series of solo EPs by Trumps of Grifters Inc. As a precursor to the upcoming Grifters Inc release Where Were You When The Fun Stopped?.

7inSeven Vol. 1 is the first official release we’ve had from the Grifters Inc camp in three years. Featuring production from Trace (Dynamic Methods), Amayze, Realizm and Marko Gal (Tandem Run), the EP showcases Trumps’ ability to switch between a variety of styles and approaches seamlessly.

The short turnaround time left no chance to second guess topics, statements or delivery, and gives an unadulterated insight into the mind of the writer. An ambitious project, 7inSeven Vol. 1 is another feather in the cap of Trumps, and the Nostalgia Entertainment family.

Download Trumps – 7inSeven Vol. 1 here.

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