Dj Skae’s Guest List 2

DJ Skae is back again with his third compilation album, DJ Skae’s Guestlist 2. Showcasing artists from Sydney’s Hip Hop scene Skae has hand picked some Australia’s finest artists to feature on this compilation.

DJ Skae Guestlist 2

These include Kerser, Sky’ High and pioneers Def Wish Cast. Production is also handled by some of Sydney’s favourite producers including DJ A$K, Nebs and B-Don. The limited run of physical copies comes with a free DVD with video clips from album and some bonus videos too.

Track list:
Booby Trap – Daily Meds
Bacon & Eggs – Benji
Catchin’ Z’s – Sleepwalkers
Fortune 500 – Collective Crew
Mad World – Sceptic, Nihilist & 2Far
In Crime & Ivey
Darknights – DJ A.$.K feat Defwish
Comin For The Throne – Dseeva
Down With The Heights – Herb
(J.Neri, Provocalz, Gunsta)
Fresher Than You – Sarm
New Day – Izzy n The Profit feat B-Don
Lonely Lyricist – Kade MC
Don’t Wanna Know – Sarah Connor
Kerser is Sick – Kerser
Mr Neverdidright – Kaye
Look At Me Now – Sky’High
Midnight Streetz – 2LOCO In Crime & Ivey
Ram Raid – Hyjak
Get On Down – Illergic
Madd Technik – SWR (J.Neri, Provocalz, Gunsta)
In The Club – The Hed UBD feat Fortay At Large
The Weed Song – Tycotic

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