ZoshPit: Australia’s First and Only Music Focused Crowdfunding Platform Launching in 2013

Australia’s first and only music dedicated crowdfunding site will launch in early 2013. ZoshPit aims to revolutionise the Australian music industry by offering a platform tailored to the needs of artists, bands and musicians.


Still in its infancy stage in Australia, crowdfunding has been used in other countries as a way of raising funds for creative projects and campaigns, using the power of the people and online technology. Artists are invited to post Projects whereby they invite fans (new and old) to pledge towards their predetermined funding goal. If the goal is met, funds are processed and the artist’s project goes ahead. Those who supported the Project receive Rewards which are set by each artist (e.g. free album download once completed).

Conversely, if the funding goal isn’t met, pledges aren’t processed and the artist receives nothing. Artists can use ZoshPit to fund any music related Project such as producing an album, putting on a gig, or purchasing a new gigging van.

By focusing purely on the music industry, we offer features that will help artists showcase their projects to give them every chance of getting funded. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. Artists get to complete projects they’ve possibly only ever dreamed of, and fans can contribute like never before, be connected in special ways and share in the journey. We’ve already seen a great amount of interest from both artists and supporters, so we’re extremely excited about the official launch in 2013.” – ZoshPit Co-Director, Julian Chong.

For more information visit head over to ZoshPit.