Suburban Dark sign to Big Village

Big Village is very proud to welcome production duo Suburban Dark to the fold. Suburban Dark is the first act to be officially signed to the label outside its founding members since the label began 3 years ago and adds more depth to an already diverse roster.

Suburban Dark

Suburban Dark’s analog infused sound is deep, minimal and razor sharp, built with the intent to be played loud, from spine chilling noise to straight up bass assaulting bangers. 

They have already released 2 tunes through Big Village Records, Straight Edge feat Jeswon, and Vertigo feat. Tuka, Ellesquire and Rapaport on Big Things Vol One and Two respectively. Suburban Dark released their debut EP Expeditions Digitally and on 12’ vinyl in 2010, through Sydney electronic label The Frequency Lab.

With the inclination to keep things analogue, SD are focusing their attention on writing Hip Hop in a technically limited capacity. Using dated drum machines, prehistoric synthesis and dusty reel to reel tape players SD have managed to create a sound that is both sci fi infused and dangerously heavy with enough RMS to make the neighbours complain.

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