Enough Rope – Enough Rope Mixtape

Enter Enough Rope. Two heads sharing their story and intrinsic thoughts through hip hop music. ER is made up of Skwid Roc, a b-boy who grew up breaking with the likes of Tommy Illfigga and the Skill at Will crew, aswell as Thomacide Daley, a skateboarder first and foremost drawn to hip hop, recognizable through his style of skateboarding and everyday life. 

Enough Rope Mixtape

This brand new duo from Brisbane met in 2009, developing a friendship which would turn rapship in 2011 where they began making their first recordings. Fast forward to Late 2012, the duo have released their debut self titled project the Enough Rope Mixtape under Born Fresh Records. The Enough Rope Mixtape features 4th (Vegas Aces), Tommy Illfigga and Joe Average.

You grab the mixtape online here, hard copies are available at gigs, Skatebiz, Laced and Rehab Records.

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