I AM D – The Daley Grind EP

I AM D AKA Tom Daley is an artist in the truest sense, a man that is unwaveringly dedicated to his craft. The Daley Grind is a journey. The landscape is as diverse as the list of producers that created it, and the story is narrated vividly with D’s impressive lyricism. From the classic boom-bap feel of Mid Mid Life to the ambient/new wave vibe of U-God and the trap sounds of Fools And Kings, I AM D matches the world class production with a flow that is both comfortable and succinct. His talents on the mic haven’t gone unnoticed, … Continue reading I AM D – The Daley Grind EP

Enough Rope – Enough Rope Mixtape

Enter Enough Rope. Two heads sharing their story and intrinsic thoughts through hip hop music. ER is made up of Skwid Roc, a b-boy who grew up breaking with the likes of Tommy Illfigga and the Skill at Will crew, aswell as Thomacide Daley, a skateboarder first and foremost drawn to hip hop, recognizable through his style of skateboarding and everyday life.  This brand new duo from Brisbane met in 2009, developing a friendship which would turn rapship in 2011 where they began making their first recordings. Fast forward to Late 2012, the duo have released their debut self titled … Continue reading Enough Rope – Enough Rope Mixtape