I AM D – The Daley Grind EP

I AM D AKA Tom Daley is an artist in the truest sense, a man that is unwaveringly dedicated to his craft. The Daley Grind is a journey. The landscape is as diverse as the list of producers that created it, and the story is narrated vividly with D’s impressive lyricism.

I AM D - The Daley Grind

From the classic boom-bap feel of Mid Mid Life to the ambient/new wave vibe of U-God and the trap sounds of Fools And Kings, I AM D matches the world class production with a flow that is both comfortable and succinct. His talents on the mic haven’t gone unnoticed, and with a live show to match he is steadily building an army of dedicated followers.

His supporters have shown up in numbers at recent shows supporting the likes of David Dallas, Dialectrix and Mantra. His reputation as skilled lyricist and performer continues to build on what started with his duo Enough Rope in 2012.

I AM D’s solo debut The Daley Grind EP is available to purchase and/or stream now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. With production from Khrysis (The Away Team/Justus League), Cam Bluff, Bliss (Croatia), Sensei Walingh (Netherlands) and more, plus engineering from Born Fresh’s own Tom Thum/Tommy Illfigga and mastering from Dave “Dog” Atkins (Resin Dogs) the whole release is first class and stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Tighten your trucks and prepare for The Daley Grind. The Daley Grind EP is available now here.

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