Spin DJ 2013

Are you hotter than a summer heatwave on the decks? Entries are now open for Spin DJ 2013! Started by Fringe Benefits in 2007, the Spin DJ comp has been the springboard for talents such as Track Team (2007), Carter Bros (2008), Well Being (2009), DJ Sanchez (2010), Skippy (2011) and Ryley (2012).


Spin DJ has a reputation for unearthing the absolute finest and offering unparalleled prizes and exposure for the winner. As well as receiving the highly-coveted title of Spin DJ Comp winner and joining the ranks of some of Adelaide’s best DJs, this year’s winner will also receive a set at Future Music Festival 2013, as well as prizes from sponsors Derringers Music, Inbound Records, Hills Cider and Little Creatures.

Soundpond.net has taken the reins of Spin DJ 2013 and will be spicing up the competition with an exciting new format: this year twelve DJs will battle it out over four weeks of qualifying rounds broadcast live from the Soundpond.net studio; before the final four face-off in a showdown at Sugar for the grand finale! DJs of all experience levels, genres and styles are welcome to enter. Artists can enter as a solo DJ, a DJ duo, a DJ & MC team, electronic artist, turntablist or even with a vocalist or instrumentalist – Soundpond want to the see the boundaries being pushed!

Prizes: A paid set at Future Music Festival 2013. $1500+GST worth of free Fringe Benefits advertising for upcoming gigs or new releases. $500 Derringers voucher. $100 Inbound Records voucher. A carton of Hills Cider. A carton of Little Creatures Pale Ale. Sets on Soundpond.net. 

Before entering please read the terms & conditions on Soundpond.net carefully. For more information, visit the Soundpond blog, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Spin DJ Comp 2013 is held by Soundpond.net with support from Future Music Festival, Fringe Benefits, Sugar Nightclub, Derringers Music, Inbound Records, Hills Cider and Little Creatures Brewery.

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