Akouo – Above & Beyond EP

Tasmanian native Akouo (pronounced “ak-oo-oh”) breaks the mould of the conventional music producer/DJ, binding himself to no singular genre – instead he embraces the worldwide musical offerings of many cultures.

Above and Beyond EP

As a music producer, Akouo has made contributions to the Australian hip hop genre as a member of groups JNA and Letters To The Sun, and his debut 2008 hip hop album Outwit The Muscle received a healthy run of airplay on Australian radio.

As a DJ, over ten years behind a set of turntables has inbuilt a diverse taste and helped Akouo develop an arsenal of music with a central tendency around party hip hop, future beats, funky breaks, and dirty bass music. Akouo has performed across Australia, from Falls Festival, Marion Bay to Soundscape Festival in Hobart, and has been billed alongside artists such as Beatnuts (US), Classified (Can), Ugly Duckling (US), DOOM, DJ Premier (US), Marco Polo (Can), Masta Ace + Edo G (US), Koolism, Funkoars and DJ Dexter, to name a few.

2013 brings the release of Akouo’s second release, a four track, instrumental future beat/hip hop EP titled Above & Beyond. The release of this new EP also brings with it a new live show incorporating an Akai gear, Serato and a bunch of live tweaking. Expect a bangin’ blend of both original tracks and personal favorites, with an emphasis on dirty drum loops, gritty samples, electric bass lines and glitch synth.

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