Childish Gambino – 3005 (Akouo Remix)

Akouo breaks the mould of the conventional music producer/DJ, binding himself to no singular genre – instead he embraces the worldwide musical offerings of many cultures.


As a music producer, Akouo has made contributions to the Australian hip hop genre as a member of groups JNA and Letters To The Sun, and his debut 2008 hip hop album Outwit The Muscle received a healthy run of airplay on Australian radio.

2013 brought the release of Akouo’s second release, a four track, instrumental future beat/hip hop EP titled Above & Beyond. The release of that new EP also brought with it a new live show incorporating an Akai gear, Serato and a bunch of live tweaking.

With the recent release of Childish Gambino’s LP – Because The Internet, Akouo was inspired to release a bootleg version of Gambino’s 3005. Check it our below, it’s up for free download now.

Akouo’s upcoming single, Last Time will be available 22/1/2014 out through DIE HIGH.

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