Interview: Alex Williamson (The Loosest Aussie Bloke Ever)

If you don’t know the name by now, you need to check yourself cunt. Alex Williamson aka The Loosest Aussie Bloke Ever is taking not only the internet by storm, but also carving his way to becoming one of Australia’s most in demand stand up comics. With upcoming shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and also The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Alex’s loose brand of comedy is proving to be a juggernaut.  

Loosest Aussie

aahh: With over 25 million views on YouTube and over 150,000 subscribers, it’s hard to imagine YouTube without your video’s. What has it been like becoming a famous face on a platform like YouTube?
Alex: It’s whack. People stare at me in public and I can tell they’re thinking, “is that the sketchy cunt off the internet?”,  I just flip out because when you’re stoned everyday you already feel like everyone’s staring at you. But life’s the same. I’m broke as shit. I hang out with some fucking ferals at times also. Just whoever has weed basically.

aahh: You started performing stand up comedy back in 2007 and in 2009 you won the RAW comedy festival. Was that the point when you first thought “yup, I can make a go of this comedy stuff”?
Alex: Yeah I was always a bit of a performer in high school, did drama and all that shit, so I figured I could give stand up a healthy crack. I’d watched everyone from Seinfeld to Rodney Rude, and I was bloody obsessed with making cunts laugh (and MILF porn).

Alex W

aahh: You also did a stint on radio, is that because you thought you had a head for radio?
Alex: Oi get fucked mate, my head is symmetrical and shit, don’t give me that head for radio business! I only did radio because it’s one of the few media platforms you can just sit there flat-out wanking, whilst being a performer.

aahh: The title of your brand new Fringe show is Alex Williamson and Friends. How long did it take to come up with the name for that?
Alex: I didn’t even come up with the name. My manager came up with it because I fell asleep in a crack den for 6 nights and the deadline for the show name came up lol.

aahh: Tell us a bit about your “Friends”? Are they cool cunts?
Alex: Yeah man, I have these characters, Loose Aussie, who does shit like wear the same clothes two days in a row (he’s fucked in the head aye), and my other character is Musical Drug Dealer, who does songs about fingering teenagers and shelving pingas. It’s deep.

aahh: Speaking of cunts, we’ve just seen The Loosest Aussie Ever team up with a series of hip hop artists including Seth Sentry, Kerser and Eso of Bliss N Eso for a few short videos. What has it been like working with these guys and are you a fan?
Alex: I’m a big fan. I didn’t listen to much hip hop in high school, but I’ve really got into it last few years, and god damn it’s catchy and original shit. All the lads I’ve teamed up with so far are true pros (and sick actors turns out). I’m actually working on a comedy/electro/hip-hop/drug-trip album currently, so stay tuned.

aahh: We recently played the ‘cunt’ game on my mates Facebook wall, are there any movies you forgot to include in the ‘You Can’t Say That’ Video that need a mention?
Alex: “A Few Good Cunts” made me laugh my ass off. Some cunt tweeted that at me.

Musical Drug Dealer

aahh: We hear that your currently in LA, what are you doing over there?
Alex: Meeting all sorts of TV and film crews, as well as loosing money in Vegas and exchanging phone numbers with homeless people when searching for drugs. Fucking Hollywood baby.

aahh: We follow you on Instagram and no surprises to anyone, you’ve been loving California and it’s new marijuana laws. Are you planning to relocate to Cali specifically for that reason?
Alex: I’d love to do 6 months a year here. There’s just so many Cali sluts that need to be throttled by an Aussie lol you feel me?

aahh: To finish off, why should people come see you at the Adelaide Fringe & Melbourne International Comedy Festivals?
Alex: Coz I’m a real mother fucker, and there’s way too many fake mother fuckers out there. I can also ride my push bike really fast.

You can get more information and tickets to all of Alex Williamson’s shows by following the links below. Be quick, this shit will sell fast.

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