Hons – Hons Solo

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
4 friends created one of the most irresponsible groups in Australian music, 10 years later they are still around and continue to be a burden to their fans and loved ones.

hons solo

Now, on the eve of his best friends (and fellow crew member – Mr Trials) wedding, Hons, has been given the task of planning the Bucks party to end all Bucks party’s. Hons assembled a 6 track solo EP in order to raise sufficient funds to send Trials off with a universal size Big Bang. The aptly titled Hons Solo is produced and recorded with help from the rest of the Funkoars, production from Hilltop Hoods’ Suffa, Adelaide crew Third Degree and Melbourne mates Maundz and WIK of Crate Cartel.

The digital only EP is available for a short time only download for $7.99 or FREE with the purchase of a ‘Hons Solo‘ t-shirt. 100% of the proceeds from the EP will go towards Trials bucks night, so lets send him off proper, and probably get him arrested.

1. Let The Good Times Roll Feat. Maundz
2. Showtime
3. Larry Emdur
4. Down to The Felt
5. Masterplan Feat. Third Degree
6. Whiskey Bar

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