UMPG Australia unveil Devil Street Decks collaboration

Universal Music Publishing Australia has collaborated with Sydney-born, US-based skateboard artist Evan Kanarakis of Devil Street Decks to create a bespoke piece of skateboard art that will be given to UMPG songwriters to celebrate new signings to the company.

devil street decks_logo

The skateboard is uniquely Australian and celebrates UMPG’s rich musical heritage with a silhouette of the Sydney skyline surrounding a vinyl LP motif. As Australia is home to some of the world’s finest beaches, the deck also features an artistic depiction of a breaking wave superimposed over a blazing sun.

“Evan, Sarah and the team at Devil Street Decks have fully realised our vision and created something really special. We look forward to seeing these decks adorning the walls of our writer’s studios. Signing a publishing deal with UMPG is a career defining moment and what better way is there to commemorate having your songs roll with Universal Music Publishing Australia?” Said Heath Johns, Director of A&R.


The deck based on an initial black and white sketch by UMPG’s multi-talented A&R Assistant James Runge following a brainstorming session in the UMPG boardroom, is now proudly printed atop a Canadian maple deck. The hand-numbered decks featuring this particular design will be strictly limited to 99 skateboards before a new custom design is introduced.

“Collaborating with Universal Music Publishing Australia was a great experience for Devil Street Decks. Particular credit must go to one of our U.S-based artists, Sarah Burman, who lent considerable time, effort and creativity to a design that we feel really captures the feel and essence of Sydney.” Said Evan Kanarakis of Devil Street Decks before adding “We’re excited by the prospect of our decks finding their way into the hands of UMPG’s new signings in the coming months and years, and are sure more than a few may just also find their way onto the streets of Australia in time as well- trucks, wheels and grip tape in tow and songwriters on board, perhaps pondering their latest musical effort while mastering a kick-flip”.

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