The Great Gatsby – OST

Drawing on his unique and unrivalled position in popular culture, Jay Z (with collaborator and the film’s executive music consultant Jeymes Samuel) has worked with Luhrmann and his team on the project over the past two years, translating the Jazz Age sensibility of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel into the musical equivalents of our own times, through the blending of hip-hop, traditional jazz and other contemporary musical textures. Luhrmann stated, “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is peppered with contemporary music references specific to the story’s setting of 1922. While we acknowledge, as Fitzgerald phrased it, ‘the Jazz Age,’ and this is the … Continue reading The Great Gatsby – OST

The Son – More Fire feat. Bluejuice

A mysterious new project titled The Son has arrived with a first release titled More Fire feat. Bluejuice. Issue one of The Son motion comic is also available, which acts as a prelude to the new clip. You can check out both below. In this issue we meet the hero Cal (aka The Son) and also the evil twin-headed villain Vitriol. A number of remixes of this track have been released. You can pick up number of remixes for free download including the Wordlife and Redial remixes by following the links below. What more can we expect from The Son. Only … Continue reading The Son – More Fire feat. Bluejuice

UMPG Australia unveil Devil Street Decks collaboration

Universal Music Publishing Australia has collaborated with Sydney-born, US-based skateboard artist Evan Kanarakis of Devil Street Decks to create a bespoke piece of skateboard art that will be given to UMPG songwriters to celebrate new signings to the company. The skateboard is uniquely Australian and celebrates UMPG’s rich musical heritage with a silhouette of the Sydney skyline surrounding a vinyl LP motif. As Australia is home to some of the world’s finest beaches, the deck also features an artistic depiction of a breaking wave superimposed over a blazing sun. “Evan, Sarah and the team at Devil Street Decks have fully … Continue reading UMPG Australia unveil Devil Street Decks collaboration