Deuce Kicks – Suburbs In The Sky

Suburbs In The Sky, Deuce Kicks’ second EP, is testament to Deuce Kicks’ growth as artists – both individually and as a duo. The EP sees Deuce Kicks backing away from the relentless and aggressive sound of their first EP, Bats & Blisters, and exploring different sounds and themes. 


The result is an introspective, honest and most importantly, a vulnerable body of work that stunningly balances the struggle of personal hardship with the ambitions and dreams of two young men.

Droopy is a hip hop-based music producer from Melbourne, Australia with a thick, textured sound and subtle soulful undertones. At times complex and at others sparse, Droopy maintains a philosophy when creating that draws from the raw honesty within the music – something he is able to find in all the artists with whom he works.

Droopy creates music to influence moods and create atmospheres – music that speaks to the listener at their most vulnerable. At other times, the music is uplifting with large, expansive choruses and tense breakdowns. Whatever the mood of the music, the sound reflects the same movement and progression common to the human race: the aim will always be quality in creativity and to master versatility.

Dox Phonic is the vocal half of Deuce Kicks, based out of Melbourne, Australia. As a rapper, Dox works to compliment any track he’s on with a practiced and varied approach, looking to bring out the best piece of music possible as a culmination of vocals and instrumental. Dox believes that creativity shouldn’t have restrictions placed upon it, and as a result, raps and sings through a variety of different styles, preferring to create something that sounds great rather than satisfy social expectation.


To have people hear a Deuce Kicks track and be left humming the melodies or having the lyrics run through their heads long after the track stops is a major goal in Dox’s approach to making music. Being able to create is a responsibility. What you do with that is up to the artist, and Dox just wants quality. Quality sounds, quality lyrics and quality flows. Deuce Kicks is synonymous with it. No flash in the pan, no cheap knockoff, no corners cut. Just the good stuff. Watch the legacy unfold.

Musically, Deuce Kicks has a great focus on adaptation and progression. Rather than producing the same type of music, album after album, Deuce Kicks intends to remain creative and push the boundaries of hip hop music. No one else can dictate the direction we’re heading in, as Deuce Kicks is a truly unique and creative project. Deuce Kicks is as visually oriented as we are musically. Our brand extends beyond just the music we make to include a love for art, design, photography and fashion. Deuce Kicks is aligned with the Menlo Park Collective, which is a Melbourne-based group of artists which includes rappers, producers, DJs, film makers, fashion designers, sound engineers and other vocalists.

We have built strong relationships with a number of fashion labels such as Frank 151 and Eastman Leather Clothing, both of whom have been featured in renowned magazines such as Acclaim. They have supported us in the videos we make, and we have decided to go one step further with another partner, Pink Lotion, to launch a collaborative line of tshirts based and inspired by our latest EP, Suburbs In The Sky.

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