Artist Series: BME Melbourne x Nick Simon ‘The Dead Poets’ Collection

Introducing the brilliant new collection from label BME Melbourne. The Dead Poets is a collection of 4 tees, featuring the work of US artist Nick Simon. 4 legendary rappers (deceased), 4 legendary tees. Find out more about this stunning project as we talk to the undead leader of BME Melbourne the illusive Mr JRF
bme the dead poets complete

aahh: Tell us about the brand new BME Exclusive Edition collection with US artist Nick Simon?
bme: I’ve spent the last month exclusively working on this project, so it’s a massive relief to finally be able to start getting these out onto peoples chests. Basically, Nick and I have collaborated to drop an Exclusive Edition range of tees that pay tribute to the some of the greatest hip-hop artists that ever lived. The key word in that sentence being the last one. All four artists have been deceased for quite some time now, and I guess Nick thought it’d be pretty cool to envisage what each rapper would look like in their ‘zombified’ form. He’s actually carved all 4 heads out of black scratchboard using a scalpel, which makes for a really interesting composition- the pieces are very elegant and have been crafted with a great deal of precision and care- which is in direct conflict with the concept of the collection. I think this makes for a really unique style and feel, which is a huge part of why I’m so stoked on this release.

aahh: How did you and Nick hook up?
bme: This is going to sound like such bs… but I was actually sitting in my studio doing some sketches when I had this weird urge to jump on to my Facebook page (lame I know). It’s kind of strange because when I’m drawing I like to stay in the ‘zone’, so I’ll never really pay much attention to stuff like that. Anyway so I jumped on, and someone on my newsfeed that I barely know had liked one of his photos on instagram, which for some reason had appeared in my feed. I was immediately blown away by the detail in his work, and contacted him later that day with my fingers crossed that he’d even respond. The stars aligned, a virgin was sacrificed and he told me he’d love to work with the label. Sometimes shit just falls into place. It’s rare as hell so I’m really thankful that whatever was telling me to jump online that day made me do it.

Record the dead poets

aahh: If there was a undead apocalypse tomorrow, what would be your main tips for survival be?
bme: Ohhh man. I think about this stuff all the time (again, lame I know). I’ve pretty much resolved myself to the fact that If that ever happens to go down, there’s pretty much no means of survival. I hate to be a pessimist, and I’d love to be able to sit here and reel off some sweet tips, but the chances of anyone surviving something like that would be astronomically small. Apart from being pretty hard to come by in Melbourne, (well, unless you’re from the West) shotguns, snipers, machine guns, and all other forms of bad ass protection require bullets. And bullets run out. I reckon the odds on a human taking out a zombie in unarmed close combat are pretty slim- what with their inability to feel pain, lightning speed and that super cool scream they have to tell all their zombie mates to give them a hand. Also, I think humans would turn on one another at the first sight of something like that going down. Killing each other over water, that last piece of non diseased toast… shit would just get really hectic really fast.

aahh: If the apocalypse lead to the The Dead Poets forming a supergroup, what would you envisage their first release to be like?
bme: Well, I’m not so sure they’d be as critically acclaimed for their lyrical content… mainly due to the fact they’d probably be missing their jaws and tongues. Lots of raps about zombie hoes, other zombies messing with their ‘body-parts’ stash… Biggie’s ‘Life after Death’ would take on a whole new level of meaning.

the dead poets 2pac shirt

aahh: When these cats were alive they all had the supreme style and swag. What are some of the essential style tips for the undead?
bme: Melting faces are a must for this season’s discerning undead. Rotting teeth, empty eye sockets and flesh eating maggots are also essential in making a statement. It’s all about standing out from the crowd. Be yourself.

aahh: As some form of eternal punishment, you were only allowed to listen to one track from each of the artists featured on the project for the rest of time. What would those 4 tracks be?
bme: Damn. Toughest question yet. BIG – Kick in the Door. ODB – Got Your Money. EAZY – It’s On and TUPAC – Do for Love.

aahh: Who do you think would be the ‘Baddest’ and the most ‘Evil’ undead rappers out of The Dead Poets? 
bme: I think ODB takes the cake. Check out the displacement of the dudes jaw! He’d probably be fucked up all the time too- foaming at the mouth and uncontrollable eye rolling.

aahh: Out of The Dead Poets ‘who & why’ would you:
Get high with: Biggie. Dude seems like he’s got a lot more stories to tell.
Drink beers with: 
Eazy looks like he’d be laugh after a few. What with that high pitched voice and all.
Form a super hero partnership with: I’d have to say Eazy here too. He’s half way there with those shades man.

The entire collection is now available for pre-order, you can do that by emailing or heading over to the BME Melbourne Facebook page here. At $250 these will not last long. Be quick.

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