N’fa Jones – Live On

N’fa Jones, still highly regarded for his work in his first outfit 1200 Techniques, is back in action. Having moved back to Australia just over a year ago following a few years journeying and writing music abroad, N’fa has already released his Babylondon EP with the stop-motion video for March On. Featured on 360’s Hope You Dont Mind, Drapht’s triple j hit singles Bali Party & 1990’s, as well as Nick Thayer’s OWSLA release Like Boom which charted for 10 weeks at #1 on beatport.

N'Fa Jones Live On

Having just wrapped from the 22 date Uni-Verse Australian tour with Drapht, N’fa has returned home with a new song and video from his forthcoming LP set to be released later this year on Draphts imprint label The Ayems. Live On was written with Melbourne beatsmith Sensible J Smith, and mixed by Dave Dogg Atkins of The Resin Doggs. The video, directed by Nic Mcrobbie, was shot around midnight after a tour show in Sydney. With a full album in mixing stages, N’fa refers to Live On as a teaser, and not an official single, we are excited to see what atomic bomb like introspective retrospective soul N’fa will bring to Hip Hop this year.

I was chillin’ in Smiddys lounge room.. The music took me to a place that I hadn’t visited in a long time, and needed to go to. Its a place I had been afraid to visit, as I had never found resolution there, until now. For me, “Live On” is a reflective self realisation piece that I really do love, which resulted as a sensitive and true song that I hope you will appreciate.
Making the video was amazing ,in that it happened in a split decision after a show. What you see was pieced together from a one shot, filmed in the wee hours on Sydney’s beautiful coastline, and a series of short clips Nic captured in and around the city over the same weekend. Goes to show what you can do with a little know-how and a lot of heart”. – N’Fa

Music: Written and Arranged by N’fa Jones. Produced by Sensible J Smith. Mixed and Mastered by Dave Dogg Atkins
Video: Directed, Shot and Edited by Nic McRobbie

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