Basement Grits – Limited Edition Vinyl

Beat Basement Records are pleased to announce the release the self-titled, debut album Basement Grits limited edition vinyl. Consisting of label beat makers Develop and Apollo Grimez, emcees Ricky Shamroxx and Diggis and hip hop deejay/beat maker Dex Mo.

With beats cherry picked from the best of the three beat makers, Basement Grits is an album devoid of filler-type tracks, firing off from the word go through 10 tracks of head nodding goodness, with the sole purpose of driving the sword firmly in the dirt and establishing this crew from Cairns’ skill set amongst the wave of new artists emerging in today’s local hip hop scene.

The content spans from straight out hard representing on tracks like Lyrical Genocide and Heroes to more localised subject matter on joints such as Live N Ill and Homegrown with everything in-between covered by consistency in concepts, dope flows and punchy verses. Basement Grits debut is out now on vinyl and digital download. To get your hands on a copy head here.

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