B.V.A. – Answers Loss Question Love

deNorthwode has been DJ’ing & producing beats for close to 20 years. deNorthwode is more than just a party dj. He also runs the Crookneck lab an underground studio in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide that produces quality hip hop (check it out in the the book “Behind the Beat”).

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He owns Elysium Lounge & plays there along with the very best dj’s & musicians Adelaide has to offer. He has played extensively all over Australia. What sets him apart from most DJ’s is a combination of traditional turntable finesse, original and current routines, incredible energy & selfless respect for the party by not only letting them request songs but actually playing them.

deNorthwode is also a rapper known as B.V.A who debuted his live show at Voices of the Underground 2 at the tender age of 11. Which is where he first met the other 2 members of what later became the legendary underground crew Mnemonic Ascent (alongside Dj Ransom & Raph Boogie).Together they started by today’s standards a hugely successful indie Record label Crookneck.

Mnemonic Ascent have toured extensively across the continent, performing alongside such artists as J5, Company flow, Rodney P and Skits, Hilltop Hoods, Resin Dogs and Downsyde to name a very few. As B.V.A. he is a highly regarded Aussie rapper – considered a veteran of the scene by his 20’s.

B.V.A. now presents Answers Loss Question Love, an album with universal themes, passion, punch and poetry, beats which swoop from fast and furious to lyrical and lovely. The album features some of hip hop’s best, A-Love, Suffa, Jimblah, K21, Til The Break and many more. You can pick up Answers Loss Question Love now over at CD Baby here or via iTunes here.

1. Reintroduction
2. Welcome Back (feat. A-Love)
3. Baby Please (feat. Taiaha Ngawiki)
4. Is There Any Love? (feat. Suffa & Jimblah)
5. Portrait of a Monster
6. Poor Me
7. Carpe Diem (feat. Til The Break)
8. Don’t Sweat It (feat. K21 & Ruby Parker Harris)
9. Broken Hearted
10. We Will Never Know (feat. Joy Sparks)
11. I Don’t Know
12. Cword
13. Without Her (feat. Yvonne Ruby Harris)

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