Karsniogenics presents new signing: Sussone – The Corax Type

Karsniogenics is mighty proud to welcome the latest addition to the K artist roster – Sussone ‘The Corax Type’. Karsniogenics have had their eye on this guy for some time now, and we’re sure you’ll be feline’ his style just as much as they did.

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Hailing from Brisbane’s west line city of Ipswich, Sussone has been busy working hard at perfecting his craft behind the local hip hop scene for many years now. Since taking pen to pad for the first time in his teens, the 28 year old is ready to break out of the shadows and let people know what Sussone ‘The Corax Type’ is all about.

Born and bread on traditional ‘golden era of boom bap’ artists such as Nas & Gangstarr through to the gangsta rap predecessors like NWA and Ice-T, Sussone’s own signature sound is well foundered in the roots of dope hip hop we all love and respect to no end.

Sussone’s gravely and gruff vocal tones bring a brutally honest essence and rawness to his lyrical flows, further topped off with his outstanding story-telling prowess. Sussone first hooked up with Dontex of Kings Konekted fame through growing up together in the same neighbourhood, and after some years working separately they again found a mutual path in the mid 2000’s. In 2007 Sussone recorded his first demo tapes with Sammsonite (The Optimen) at Space Ghost Studios after forming the crew Risky Livin’ with Loose-Legid and the later addition of Susaz. Taking to the stage in 2009 with the Risky Livin’ crew, Sussone continued developing his career through making guest appearances alongside artists Rezadent and Kings Konekted on their respective releases The Way of The Intercepting Fist and Trials To The Underlair during 2009.

Appearing on a handful of guest spots over the following 2 years working with some of Brisbane’s finest, Sussone hit the studio with Karsniogenics producer Brookes Cullings of the Kill Floor studios and began working on further developing his own solo career, and hasn’t stopped hammering out his sound since. It’s now time for Sussone to let the heads know why he’s the next in line to take the underground crown, and damn this man’s hungry for it too.

With his debut EP Konekt Game well and truly on the home stretch, best keep you ears to the street for the next instalment from Sussone on Karsniogenics, as the future holds nothing but goodness for this hardened thoroughbred MC who’s destiny is now well sealed on the road to Australian Hip Hop greatness. Got you wanting more? Check out this latest gem just dropped – the self titled track The Corax Type; One hell of a fresh new joint, produced by Akidcalledchubz and Dontez plus tearing up the one’s & two’s – who else but the one and only Karsniogenics Head Honcho DJ Dcide.

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