Suss One Konekt Game EP

Suss One ‘The Corax Type’ is an Australian hip-hop MC, born and bred in the western suburbs of Brisbane. Suss One first gained recognition as an artist collaborating with neighbourhood friends Kings Konekted. Raised on raw unadulterated hip-hop music, Suss One first became involved in hip-hop at an early age through writing graffiti and rhyming with local teens cut from the same cloth. Realising his talent for rocking microphones, Suss One began perfecting his craft and developing his own raw style of unique rhyming flows, finally finding his home with Karsniogenics Records in 2013. “Suss One don’t take shit for … Continue reading Suss One Konekt Game EP

Karsniogenics presents new signing: Sussone – The Corax Type

Karsniogenics is mighty proud to welcome the latest addition to the K artist roster – Sussone ‘The Corax Type’. Karsniogenics have had their eye on this guy for some time now, and we’re sure you’ll be feline’ his style just as much as they did. Hailing from Brisbane’s west line city of Ipswich, Sussone has been busy working hard at perfecting his craft behind the local hip hop scene for many years now. Since taking pen to pad for the first time in his teens, the 28 year old is ready to break out of the shadows and let people … Continue reading Karsniogenics presents new signing: Sussone – The Corax Type