Everyday – Equality

Everyday is an Adelaide emcee that was raised in a home where music was always being played, and with fond memories of staying up til the early hours of the morning with the entire household singing and dancing to “Saturday night jukebox”, it came naturally when he decided to start making his own music.


Picking up a set of sticks, Everyday’s first musical adventure started as a drummer and songwriter, playing along side collaborator Tomorrow in a hardcore band, where he also had his first taste of being up on stage, a taste that would grow in the years to come.

However his passion was Hip Hop and playing in a band was cool, but always seemed a little unnatural to be making a different genre of music than what was playing in his headphones. So when the band split up and went their separate ways, the live instruments were put down and the pen and pad was picked up. His like-minded best mate, Tomorrow, had the same idea and Tomorrow & Everyday were born.

Playing some local shows and sharing the stage with the likes of Reason, Briggs, Delta, Motion, Dialect & Despair and Koolta to name a few, 2012 saw Everyday’s first release with Tomorrow & EverydayOccupy All Beats EP. Everyday makes Hip Hop that not only inspires but also exemplifies a conscious awareness and action towards some heavy, and at times, overlooked issues. Close to home and not afraid to speak the truth, Everyday has arrived and is now ready to drop his debut LP Equality on Butterthief.

The Official release date for the Everyday album Equality is 30th April 2013. This solo debut features production and guest verses from the likes of K21, Realizm, Matt Rafle, Koolta, Tomorrow and upcoming producer Manic with cuts by DJ Snair.

Available through Butterthief, iTunes and select music stores the album will also coincide with a series of 7″ Vinyl releases. More news on that soon.

1. Intro

2. Til Lamb Become Lion
3. Death From Above Feat Realizm & Tomorrow
4. Power Tactics
5. Genwhy? Feat Tomorrow & Koolta
6. Brothers, Sisters (Fight The Good Fight)
7. Incisions (Visions)
8. Invasion Day Feat Tomorrow
9. Truth Of My Youth Feat K21 & Realizm
10. The Rise And Fall In Hd (The Undead)
11. War Drum Feat Tomorrow
12. Comfort In The Shadows
13. Talk Of Times
14. The Path Less Travelled

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