Obese TV – Episode 4

The fourth full length episode of Obese TV is here. Obese TV aims to feature dope new segments such as ‘New Releases’, ‘Classics’, ‘Obese Retail’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Backstage Pass’ and more. Each episode of Obese TV will be hosted by a different member of the scene.

ObeseTV 2

In Episode 4 of Obese TV, we see highlights of World Record Store Day at the Prahran Store. The guys at Obese get down to the One Outs Battle League with Greeley and Manaz Ill plus Philippino rappers Protege and Anygma. They also head out to Plutonic Lab Studio to talk to Dialectrix about his upcoming album The Cold Light Of Day.

On the community tip, they have the ‘Spotlight’ on Aleksia Barron and Taryn Stenvei. In ‘Classics’ the Obese crew chat with Lenny aka New York graff artist Futura who is in Melbourne for his ‘VS Hennessy‘ bottle launch.

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