Rates – Destroy And Rebuild

Destroy and Rebuild is the debut album from one of Sydney’s most thought provoking lyricist. The talented rhymster’s debut release provides an insight into a dark world constructed within the walls of a racing mind. Providing an intriguing introduction, How Sick, produced by Nebs, gives listeners the perfect introduction to a story which shaped both he and brother Kerser’s success.

rates destroy and rebuild

Anotha Day Anotha Dolla displays the skill and creative abilities of this south west Sydney MC. From here one can’t help but feel totally emerged and somewhat hypnotized by a roller coaster of emotions. Rates explains his life and the turbulent ride which has landed him in psych wards and run ins with the law, but at the same time proving he isn’t one to give up. It’s not hard to see why this artist has such a loyal and thankful fan base.

The album boasts solid features including Sydney’s king Kerser, crazily talented Jay Dee (United Forefront), and Geelong’s very own Fatty Phew, all bringing their own flavour to this crazy album. With great production from Discourse, Tornts, Nebs, Elliot Waite, Geko and Seven Six. Destroy and Rebuild truly is a journey from start to finish.

Track Listing
01 How Sick
02 Anotha Day Anotha Dolla feat. Alyson Murray
03 Appalin’
04 Falling Down feat. Ginger Van Es
05 Off in a Race feat. Jay (UF)
06 Poison
07 Under rated feat. Kerser
08 Hard Times feat. Fatty Phew
09 Call it a Lack
10 Lost
11 Udbay

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