Kerser – No Rest For The Sickest 2013 National Tour DVD

Produced by Full Clip, Australia’s leading hip hop production company, the Kerser – No Rest For The Sickest 2013 National Tour DVD will give an insight into Kerser’s life, allowing fans to see a more personal side to the emcee. Including bonus features as well as footage from brother Rates and hype man Jaydee, the No Rest for the Sickest National Tour DVD will be available from JB Hi-Fi and independent record stores throughout Australia, with limited signed copies available. Kerser first earned notoriety in his home suburb of Campbelltown as a battle emcee. After a high profile battle with ARIA … Continue reading Kerser – No Rest For The Sickest 2013 National Tour DVD

Rates New album out now + ‘We Here Now’ Tour

Destroy & Rebuild is the debut album from Australia’s most talked about new emcee; Rates. The LP contains complete generosity of self as Rates uncovers his innermost thoughts and experiences. The turbulent past few years of his life have seen him in and out of psych wards, and through numerous run in’s with the law. But through all the hardship, the most fulfilling aspect to Destroy & Rebuild is Rates’ resilience, his refusal to give up. It’s not hard to see why this artist has such a loyal and thankful fan base. The album boasts solid features including Sydney’s king Kerser, crazily … Continue reading Rates New album out now + ‘We Here Now’ Tour

Rates – Destroy And Rebuild

Destroy and Rebuild is the debut album from one of Sydney’s most thought provoking lyricist. The talented rhymster’s debut release provides an insight into a dark world constructed within the walls of a racing mind. Providing an intriguing introduction, How Sick, produced by Nebs, gives listeners the perfect introduction to a story which shaped both he and brother Kerser’s success. Anotha Day Anotha Dolla displays the skill and creative abilities of this south west Sydney MC. From here one can’t help but feel totally emerged and somewhat hypnotized by a roller coaster of emotions. Rates explains his life and the turbulent … Continue reading Rates – Destroy And Rebuild

Rates – Destroy & Rebuild

Much could be said about Rates… an artist, a musician, a good humble guy, or a raging lunatic… either way, he is fast making an impression on the rap scene. Older brother to one of Australia’s most promising and talented artists Kerser and best mate to Jay Dee. Rates is well known for describing this lifestyle and often giving good advice to kids and people in the same situation. This fact is evident on I Rap Because, simply stating why he chose this life and provoking quite alot of thought along the way. Rates has toured all over the country … Continue reading Rates – Destroy & Rebuild

Kerser & Rates: We Here Now Regional Tour

Following the success of Kerser’s No Rest For The Sickest Tour earlier this year, the infamous emcee hits the road for the second time in 2013 due to popular demand, accompanied by brother Rates and hype man Jay Dee. The Kerser and Rates – We Here Now Regional Tour kicks off on the 5th of June in NSW, the tour will make its way around regional Australia throughout June and July. On top of Kerser and Rates having just released their single We Here Now together (now available on iTunes), Rates is also due to release his debut album Rebuild & Destroy later … Continue reading Kerser & Rates: We Here Now Regional Tour

Kerser – Nebulizer Tour 2012

You can’t change who you are, but you can change who you’ll be. For 24-year old emcee Kerser, these words are set in stone. Born and raised in Campbelltown in the South West of famous Sydney, the city sights he witnessed while growing up weren’t exactly postcard perfect – just try taking some snaps round the streets of C-town after the sun sets and see what scenes develop. But in dark places people shine. Blazing up from the underground thanks to a potent mix of talent, determination and the guts to try something new, Kerser is the name on everyone’s … Continue reading Kerser – Nebulizer Tour 2012