Rates New album out now + ‘We Here Now’ Tour

Destroy & Rebuild is the debut album from Australia’s most talked about new emcee; Rates. The LP contains complete generosity of self as Rates uncovers his innermost thoughts and experiences. The turbulent past few years of his life have seen him in and out of psych wards, and through numerous run in’s with the law.


But through all the hardship, the most fulfilling aspect to Destroy & Rebuild is Rates’ resilience, his refusal to give up. It’s not hard to see why this artist has such a loyal and thankful fan base.

The album boasts solid features including Sydney’s king Kerser, crazily talented Jay (UF), and Geelong’s very own Fatty Phew. With production from Discourse, Tornts, Nebs, Elliot Waite, Geko and Seven Six. Destroy & Rebuild is an evocative masterpiece from start to finish.

Following the release of Destroy & Rebuild, as well as popular single ‘We Here Now’ with Kerser, the brothers have been travelling around regional Australia on their We Here Now Tour.

*Please note: the Victorian leg of the Kerser and Rates tour has been rescheduled, see below for all dates.

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