Vanessa Elisha – Don’t Go EP

In the last few months, 22 year old Australian writer/singer Vanessa Elisha, has gone from self proclaimed “unlikely R&B star” to 2013’s one to watch.
 Her debut release, Blur found its way onto playlists and iPhones across the world, with the self-edited video teaser amassing over 40,000 views.

vanessa elisha

Reuniting with production partner GXVXNS, Vanessa quickly followed up with the video for Home To Me, and attracted the attention of a whole new legion of supporters. After spending the following months fine-tuning the project, Vanessa released her EP Don’t Go.

The 5 Track offering premiered on the front page of Jermaine Dupri’s Global14, and began spreading across the internet like a Kanye West rumour. Within hours of it’s release, Don’t Go was seen across some of the world’s most influential music sites. The 17-Minute offering showcases Vanessa’s unique ear for melodies, set to the haunting noir-esque production of GXVXNS and CVIRO. Vanessa Elisha – Don’t Go is available now for free download, through the player below.

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