The Tongue – Australian Dreaming

Arguably the most outspoken but also well-rounded performers in local hip hop, The Tongue’s new video illustrates exactly why he stands out from an often conservative scene.

The tongue - Australian Dreaming

The list of characters he plays include a police officer; a struggling single mum; a sex worker; a drug dealer; and a window washer. The art is in how The Tongue’s performance transforms what could be dismissed as slapstick into something poignant. There is no other MC that could’ve pulled this off without coming off self-aware and unconvincing.

Australian Dreaming sees The Tongue imagining a better Australia through the eyes of these characters, reflecting the recurring theme of positivity of his critically acclaimed Surrender To Victory album.

Alan Jones unemployed, sunk like an anchor/
A redneck dancing with a girl from Sri Lanka/
Reggae on the radio, weed from the doctor/
Politician break a promise he getting locked up/
Free education like back in the 80’s/
Treating refugees like we were related/

Surrender To Victory has been praised by the likes of The Sydney Morning Herald for being lyrically inventiv and The Vine for being unique, focussed and engaging. The Brag went further saying, “Here is a record that would change the mind of any naysayer of the Australian hip hop scene”.

Catch The Tongue on his Surrender To Victory Tour now!

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