Gzutek – Get The Flame

Get The Flame is the debut EP release from the Polish/English Sunbury bred rapper Gzutek’s. Get The Flame is the result of over ten years’ work in the game. Out now under Midnight Green Records. Get the Flame features production from Gzutek, RahjConkas and Methodz and includes guest appearances from Leva, D’Gen, Madeleine Wood, Epps, Defron and Big T.

Speaking as fluently with the boards as he does with the pen, Gzutek’s Get the Flame is a discourse between man and machine where the producer and rapper has created an original grunge boom-bap narrative, echoing a dystopic world of schizophrenic chaos. Playing with his two tongues, Gzutek’s artistry conjures a barren wasteland populated by ash and ruin where one lone wolf howls at the listener with the metallic melodies of clunking gears and manic laughter.

Get the Flame opens with the titular induction, where Gzutek welcomes his audience over haunting rustic horn stabs and industrial guitar squeals. After dousing your brains with petrol and grinning through the smoke, Gzutek stands amongst the dying embers crooning lethargic broken harmonies of a man in love beaten down in Hurt No More, the EP’s first single.

01. Get The Flame
02. Hurt No More
03. Whachu Want feat Leva [Prod: RahjConkas]
04. Artists
05. Rap Giants feat D’Gen
06. Absorbed feat. Madeleine Wood [Prod: Methodz]
07. Language Factory feat. Epps, Defron, Big T
+ The 100 Bar Rant (Bonus Track)
All Tracks produced by Gzutek unless otherwise noted.

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