Ben Iota – Born ‘Free’

Ben Iota (formerly known as Bornski of Adroit Effusive/Common Cause) and Matchless Gift (Butterthief) proudly presents Born ‘Free’. Lyrically inspired by Ben Iota’s recent studies, travels and experiences living in a developing country, alongside the manifest production of Matchless Gift, this release explores the theme of freedom, or lack there of.

ben iota born free

Ben Iota has recently released the video for More Than Just Words featuring Visionz, Motion, Mesha and Social Change. The video is filmed and edited by Maintain from Labrat productions.

The production by Matchless Gift is his finest work to date, demonstrating his grasp on both Western and Eastern musical forms, with both feet firmly in Hip Hop territory. Putting the mic down for this release and concentrating on the production, Matchless has orchestrated a soundscape that is eclectic, yet congruent. It utilises samples, live instrumentation, MPC, Moog, keyboards, and movie grabs, instinctively fusing Psych/Prog Rock, Folk, Industrial, Soul, Hard Rock, Indian and Middle-Eastern sounds. The result is a slick and at times quirky collection of hard-hitting Hip Hop beats.

The lyrics on Born Free are inquisitive, stemming from Ben Iota’s fascination with the human condition, and the desire to explore. The title track Born Free featuring Janey Housego, is an analogy of Ben’s travels both mentally and geographically, and is backed by a heavy Matchless Gift soundtrack.

It documents the personal endeavour to discover freedom by expanding the mind and exploring the world; finding peace of mind, putting things into perspective and gaining a fresh lease for life. The realisation of the magic in the present moment (You Can Feel It), the need to seek out truths amidst the conditioning of the mass media (Guerilla Journalist), and the search for a better way in the midst of the current human condition (Iota) are complimented by a stream-of-consciousness banger 1, 2, 1, 2 and rounded out by a posse track and video with some of Adelaide’s most diligent emcees (‘More Than Just Words’ featuring Visionz, Motion, Mesha and Social Change).

A testament to both the dedication to the craft of Hip Hop and an open, inquisitive mind, “Born Free” is entirely recorded, produced and mixed at Matchless Gift’s studio in Adelaide with mastering handled by Disk Edits. Artwork by Social Change and photography by Will Freeland and Jonathan VDK, K21 from Golden Era Records has also contributed a remix of the lead single “Iota”.

Track Listing:
1. It Represents Freedom
2. Born ‘Free’ Feat. Janey Housego
3. You Can Feel It
4. Iota
5. 1,2,1,2
6. Guerilla Journalist
7. More Than Just Words feat. Visionz, Motion, Mesha & Social Change
8. From The Middle Of The Cosmic Soup
9. Iota (K21 Remix)

Born Free” is available now through iTunes and Bandcamp as well as physical CD through the Butterthief online store.

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