The Daylight Robbery (TDR)

The Daylight Robbery (TDR) was formed in 2010 to be the live band for NZ’s premiere hip-hop artist David Dallas. From here TDR would venture out on their own to write, record and release their own music- The debut self-titled EP in 2013.


TDR are brothers Chris on the keys and Ron on the drums with bassist extraordinaire Sale. TDR have just released their self-titled EP as a name your price download. The album features Jordache, Heydon Hohaia, Lui Silk, David Dallas, PNC and more.

1. Intro
2. Interrupt feat. Jordache
3. Rollercoaster feat. Jordache, Heydon Hohaia
4. Wild Turkey Jam (interlude)
5. Kinfolk feat. Jordache, Spycc, Lui Silk
6. Kisi Unko (skit)
7. Yeah (instrumental)
8. Forty feat. Jordache, Niko
9. Rollercoaster REMIX feat. Jordache, Heydon Hohaia, David Dallas, PNC

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