Dylan Joel’s got a brand new free release and we think ‘that’s good’

In 2013 Dylan Joel continues to work his way up the ranks of the local hip hop fraternity. Last year Dylan’s EP Kid Illin‘ featured the breakthrough single Leveled which received a high rotation on triple j and later proved to be the catalyst for his massive win with triple j’s “Pyramid Rock” unearthed competition.

dylan joel that's good

Now in 2013 Dylan is proud to release his brand new free album That’s Good which is undoubtedly his best work to date showcasing Dylan’s progression as a burgeoning Australian MC.

Featuring an exceptional array of guest performances from fellow up ‘n comers Remi, Elemont & Jess Wills, Dylan shines on That’s Good with his unique take on life, rapping and artistic expression. Produced entirely by Canadian producer Otis Grey, the beats bang from start to finish with classic boom-bap hip hop to pitched up samples to throwback disco funk.

Undeniable proof of Dylan’s progression as an MC comes from his track Yep which sees Dylan delivering flawless double time lyrics at break-neck speed over the thumping drums and driving sax sample courtesy of Otis Grey. But it’s on cuts like Never Let Them Go that the listener gets a real insight into the heart and mind of Dylan with lines like: “..have the best education yet something we’re never taught, is that most pain in the world can be cured by support“.

In an era where braggadocio raps and misogynist lyrics reign supreme, Dylan cuts through with a refreshing outlook on what it is to be an MC with a selfless heart for todays youth and the people around him.

From a young age Dylan gravitated towards the gospel music of his church and after trying his hand at singing, Dylan quickly realised he could not sing all the lyrics he wrote down without rushing the words. At the age of 15 after seeing rappers Bliss n Eso deliver rapid-fire lyrics over sample-driven instrumentals, Dylan realised rapping was a way he could deliver all his lyrics without rushing their delivery.

A year or so after dabbling in rap, Dylan being sampling records and producing his own beats in secret.. it wasn’t until he was 18 that anyone heard his bedroom creations. Now at just 22 years of age Dylan has no qualms in sharing his music with the masses and has proven himself to be an outstanding live performer having shared the stage with artists like Bliss N Eso, Pharaohe Monch, Hopsin & David Dallas.

So after some hard work, a lot of refinement, international supports, some amazing festival spots and solid rotation on triple j, Dylan is slowly proving that he is here for the long haul and, more impressively, that he has something different to offer. 

Dylan speaks his words bravely and honesty, but also with great humility. One of Australia’s most unique and promising emcees for sure.” – Mantra
Dylan is a true leader of the new school. He represents a generation that a lot of artists are losing touch with. Plus, he can rap like a mother f**ker.” – Grey Ghost

That’s Good is available now here.

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