Rinehart Speaks! – A Political Satire

In a world as black as coal, there is one woman shining the light on the mines of our lives. Striving for a better planet, for better people and better food! That woman is of course Gina Rinehart!

Gina art

Mountains were climbed and mined in the hopes of gaining exclusive access to the woman herself and when faced with failure we went for the next best thing. Satire! Gina – A political Satire takes you straight in to the life of one of the world’s richest women. We see Gina at home, on the phone, in a hardline interview, chatting to staff, talking to children and even protesting out the front of a pub!

Episode one has already caused a little stir, but there’s still more to take the laughter in to overload, as the antics of Gina entwine insightfulness, humour and absurdity together in this stunning satirical piece by Nicholas Baldas.

Episode 2 is out this week, and sees Gina (Prudence Vindin) tackle a Laterline interview with hard hitting journalist Tony (Shane C Rodrigo) and out and about on the streets for a protest, where she proudly screams; “Less drinking, more digging. Come on Australia grab your country by the balls”.
We hear from the real Gina, the hard working business person who just wants to help people get a job. We hear from her heart, from her cue cards and of course from that deep poetic soul of hers, with yet another original Rinehart poem.

But wait there’s more. Episode 3 hits the net just in time to cure those post-election blues (today) and gets back to the personal life of Gina, away from journalists and those pesky people that want to drag her down. Before bravely heading back to the Laterlinestudios for episodes 4 and 5 (September 18 and 25) to finish her interview with the charming but harsh Tony.

There’s more, we will see Gina’s softer side having the light shone upon it, as she chats to children on October 2.