Fortay – Living Proof

Living Proof is Fortay’s highly anticipated 2nd official studio release. Fortay is one of the few local rappers to convey an authentic view on the balance between the glamour of street life and its harsh realities.

fortay living proof

Fortay is joined on the album by Kerser, The Hed UBD, 2furious, Emily Blake, Candice Rhind and U.S Heavyweight Snoop Dogg promising an album full of substance and originality yet seen in Australian rap. Be sure to check out the latest episode of The Fort Nightly Report, which features Kerser.

Track Listing:
Living Proof
On My Biznuss
Syncity – Feat. Candice Rhind
No Pain No Gain
This My Life
The Next Level – Feat. 2Furious
Chase the Tail – Feat. Snoop Dogg
Slave to the System – Feat. Hed Ubd & Emily Blake
Hustle Hard
Underground King
The Watcher – Feat. Candice Rhind
Here We Go Again
Whatcha Gonna Do – Feat. Kerser
One Day – Feat. 2Furious
Traffic Lights – Feat. Hed Ubd
Get Fucked Up
Owe Em Nothing
Lord Knows – Feat. 2Furious
Bitter Cycle – Feat. Emily Blake
Nothin to it
Headies – Feat. Hed Ubd

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