Full Tote Odds – New Orleans

Almost a year on from the release of their debut album Place Your Bets, Adelaide hip hop heads Full Tote Odds (FTO) are back with a new track set to send chills down your spine. The Full Tote Odds boys are renowned for incorporating a beautiful blend of harmonies to their tracks to create timeless, diverse and catchy tunes loved by their fan base, and this new single is no exception.


Full Tote Odds latest single New Orleans kicks off with the beautiful vocals of 20 year old Jack Radford who links the story of a woman’s life struggles, before brothers and rappers Eslev and Levelheaded join in for the verses. The track is a unique ballad which boasts captivating lyrics, and combines a soulful vibe and the warm orchestral elements of trumpet, trombone, strings and emotive guitar hooks.

The band has also produced a video for New Orleans with director Richard Coburn. Using forms of social media, the clip tells parts of many stories in the way most of us share our lives today. Using Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc, etc, the clip looks at the moments of several girls lives in a way that reflects the deeper meaning of the track itself.

What was once a very singular, personal story is now echoed out many times over. With many formats and styles, the clip is a stylish ride through modern multi-media that show the way we tell stories and process information today. Photo albums, uploaded videos, hashtags and comments are all there in an exciting mash-up of the webs portrayal of our lives. The video will be serviced to media to coincide with the single release.

New Orleans can be downloaded from iTunes from Friday October 4th, and will be the feature single on their forthcoming album, The Chosen Few which is due for release in early 2014.

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