Sprung Hip Hop Cancelled

Promoters ‘Clockwork Entertainment‘ have confirmed Sprung Hip Hop Melbourne is no longer! Promoters have issued this statement, explaining that concerns raised by the Divisional Planning Unit of the North West Metropolitan Region have led to both Victorian Police and the Yarra City Council withdrawing their support for the event:


“It is with great regret that the promoters of SPRUNG Festival must announce that the Melbourne event will no longer be taking place on the 19th October. Despite agreements with the Yarra City Council and agreeing to all conditions on provisional liquor license, due to issues raised by the Divisional Planning Unit, North West Metropolitan Region, the Victorian Police have withdrawn their support for the event. This has left the Yarra City Council with little to no choice but to withdraw all support for the applications and therefore rescind the event permits.

Despite emergency negotiations with alternative venues, at this extremely late stage, the time available to obtain the necessary permits and licenses does not exist. Added to this the adequate time for redesigning the festival, planning and safe delivery does not exist. This has unfortunately left the event in a state where the promoters do not believe that they can deliver the quality of show that has been successfully held at our sister event in Brisbane for the past two years and again last week.”

This follows on from the news earlier in the week that Rap City 2013 has also been cancelled. This is an unfortunate series of events for both fans and artists alike. We will cover any further developments.