DJ Keen & Timmy Strikez – The Tinder

Kut Paste Records are proud to present the debut full-length masterpiece DJ Keen & Timmy Strikez – The Tinder. Available on CD only in all good record stores nationwide, and at the Kut Paste Web Store.


The Tinder features Volkoff, Timmy Strikez, DJ Keen, Jwaters, and MC Rotheee. Guests that added to the fire include Keith Murray (Def Squad), Jake Biz (750 Rebels), MCRotheee, Dwizofoz, Toddy Darko, Dliver, Edy Brock, Fowl Mouth, Tuns & Kidwiz.

DJ Keen & Timmy Strikez, launched their new album at the R.A. the Rugged Man Brisbane Show on September 13 at the Transcontinental Hotel.

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